Takida Germany bus fire, part 3 of 3

Part 3 of 3 of the bus fire in Germany when Takida’s bus completely burned down. This part is the day after the fire. The members of Takida get to see what´s left of the bus and their belonings, which is nothing… The beginning of the video shows the second day at the Red Cross shelter, and then takes us to see the trailor that was attatched to the back of the bus that contained all of their instruments and backline. Fortunately the trailor was pulled away from the burning bus by the fire brigade at an early stage, so it wasn´t completely burned down and most of the instruments didn´t get destroyed.

The fire started at night on autobahn with the members and crew travelling in the bus on their way to a gig. After the bus finally stopped on the highway, the members and crew barely made it out of the bus before it was too late. Fortunately everyone survived and noone got seriously hurt, but all their personal and business belongings got lost in the fire.