Takida Germany bus fire, the second bus!

After having just survived one bus fire when Takidas tour bus completely burned down on autobahn with all members and crew still sitting in the bus and barely escaping the flames before it was too late, Takida got a new tour bus to continue the Germany tour. Despite all odds, this bus also caught on fire! Fortunately, this time it was daytime and the bus was not moving as it was sitting in front of the venue, with the band members and crew sitting inside the bus awaiting to do their sound check. When the bus caught fire, the members could quickly get out of the bus and the bus driver could quickly put out the fire before it was too late. Had the bus been driving again and the members would have been asleep in their beds, they would never have noticed the fire before it was too late.. Fortunately the fire was put down before any major fire damage happened in this bus, but Takida refused to get on this bus again and a new bus, the third one in 4 days, had to be arranged for the band to be able to continue the tour..